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Meet Jeff Weigh

Being STUCK Isn’t Permanent

Jeff Weigh has reignited hundreds of stuck careers by making things super simple. With his 6V’s model, you’ll discover what’s most important to you, where you really want to be, and how to get there.

You’ll be challenged and encouraged all the way through the book with questions and exercises. If you commit to doing the work, your life will change. Guaranteed.

Jeff Weigh

Jeff is a curious soul.

Curious about life, learning, and most importantly other human beings.

He’s a believer in and of others and his work centres around igniting people to find that special something within themselves.

In the last 20 years he’s had the pleasure of meeting 1000’s of people from around the world, listening to their stories and sharing some nuggets of wisdom along the way.

Before choosing the path of igniting and empowering others his ‘proper jobs’ included pulling pints in his local pub, being a Master of Ceremonies in a 4 star hotel and selling personal loans for a large retail bank.

Then one day he was asked if he’d like to train hundreds of people in India (without have had any training experience previously).

Some people describe him as a coach, others see him as a facilitator. Some people know him as a speaker, others know him as an author.

His ability to hold space for people and to compassionately listen, is what sets him aside from many others in his field.

He’s an accredited level 7 Coach & Mentor, an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master and a qualified Hypnotist!

Jeff’s Approach


It begins with listening and Jeff has mastered the ability to compassionately hold space for others and allow them to find their voice. Jeff believes that we all need a good listening to.


What we tell ourselves isn’t always true and Jeff happily challenges you and holds up the mirror so that you can reflect. Clarity in what you’re looking to achieve is critical and he helps you cut through the BS.


What’s got you to here, won’t get you to where you want to arrive next. Talk without action is something Jeff doesn’t accept. Taking the first step doesn’t have to be difficult and once you’re off and running, momentum quickly follows.

Why do businesses and performance driven individuals seek out Jeff?

Simply put they are stuck and not fulfilling their potential. Businesses understand their most valuable asset is their people, and when they get unstuck they can perform at their best level. Be that a cohort of executives or future leaders.

Jeff also supports individual high performers better process and understand the present to implement futire strategies that unlock new opportunities. 

Clients come back to Jeff and work with him for years as his approach starts with helping people grow as individuals to better contribute to teams and to their families. 


Success Stories

"Jeff has had a profound impact on the culture of our business, and in particular – our leadership team. He takes time to listen to people, to really understand their personal values – while at the same time challenges them ferociously to be the best person they can be."

Phil McNulty

COO at Add People

"Over the years I have attended several “management” and “organisational” courses, but, for me, this course with Jeff was exceptional. I wanted to make special effort in singling him out. Jeff delivered his teaching/coaching in a completely different way to many others; he has the ability to really connect, tease, empower and switch the “light on”, to make me think what is really important in life/business. Jeff is approachable and has a genuine interest in helping people help themselves. Brilliant."

Nigel Barton

Savills Strategic Asset Management Associate Director

“Working with Jeff really helped me to create a process and network around me which I still use today to allow me to be more process rather than outcome-driven. I really enjoy the peace of mind this brings me in my sport, my professional and family life. Without working with Jeff I doubt I’d still be involved in disability cricket at the highest level.”

Matt Askin

England Cricket Team