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Future Talent

Pig Wrestling

People Managers

Presenting with Edge

Senior Leaders

Executive Coaching

Identify your Talent today, equip them with the skills for tomorrow.



This Programme runs over 9 months and includes monthly workshops.

These typically include; You & Your Brand, Influencing & Negotiation, Communication Excellence, Developing others, Business Acumen.

Group coaching.


Aimed at First line managers & Future talent.

Inspire your current leaders to maximise their potential and drive results.



This Programme runs over 6 months and includes monthly workshops.

These typically include: Leading self, coaching for results, leading the business, equality diversity and inclusion, presenting with edge.

One to one coaching.

Aimed at existing team leaders & managers.

Empower your Leaders & Managers to become great Coaches.



This Programme runs over 10 months and includes 5 workshops (1-2 days).

These typically include: Coaching fundamentals, Coaching for results, Coaching Culture.

One to one plus group coaching.


Aimed at Senior Leaders responsible for leading and managing other managers.

“I learned a long time ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and besides, the pig likes it” George Bernhard Shaw



This is a one day workshop using the Pig Wrestling methodolgy.

The workshop includes: Problem cleaning, framing, solutions & assumptions, the crystal ball, finding exceptions, releasing constraints.

Group coaching

Aimed at existing team leaders & managers.

How to confidently connect and get a WOW from your audience.



This Programme runs over 2 months and includes 2 workshops.

Workshop 1 takes you through the methodolgy of how to ‘Present with Edge’.

Workshop 2 provides an opportunity to put your learning into practice and receive valuable feedback.

One to one coaching.


Aimed anyone new to presenting or a seasoned presenter.

This course has been designed for anyone to be able to deliver a presentation to any audience, with confidence.


Improve work performance, communication and self confidence whilst providing thinking space for your executive leaders 



Executive coaching provides executive leaders with a space to talk openly and;

– is designed to provide a thinking space.

– can support work-life balance.

– offers different perspectives.

– reaffirms for leaders the value of nurturing themselves.


One to one coaching over a 6-12 month period.

Face to face or virtual.

Aimed at executives who have senior leadership roles in an organisation, with responsibility for people and results.

Keynotes & intimate team talks

Ignite your teams with some inspiration that will empower them to deliver a better performance in work and in life.

Keynotes 60-90 minutes including Q&A.

  • The myth of work-life balance and what you should consider instead.
  • The secrets of well-being through well-doing.
  • Stuck! Now what? Why personal values are your best retention tool.
  • Save time and money by not doing employee engagement surveys.
  • The body has the answers and why we ignore it.
  • Confidence…it really is an inside job!
  • Why we’ve got time management wrong and should be focused on energy management instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in your people?

Train people well enough to leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to. Richard Branson

People want to feel connected to the organisation they work for, to the work they do and to the colleagues they work alongside. Developing your people allows for deeper connections in each of these three areas.

When people feel a deep connection with work they do their best work and they stay in the organisation they are with. Engagement and productivity increases as does loyalty and tenure.

How do I know if this is the right fit for my organisation and people?

Talk with us and let us understand what it is your looking to acheive as a result of investing in the development of your people. We will work with you to create a programme, a series of workshops and / or intimate talks to meet your requirements.

Do you only work with large Companies?

In short, the answer is no. We work with a variety of small, medium and large organisations and create bespoke programmes for each. The programmes that we offer are typically based on what our current clients have come to us requesting in the last few years.

Do you offer ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes we do. In some cases we have a retainer agreement with organisations whereby we will provide an agreed number of days consulting, leadership development and coaching per year. In other cases we receive adhoc requests to provide specific or one off pieces of consultancy.

Do provide virtual as well as in-person services?

Absolutely we do. Virtual consultation, leadership development and coaching has allowed us to work with more organisations around the world whilst keeping things like travel and accommodation costs to a minimum. Recordings can be made available where people are unable to attend in-person on the day.

Jeff has had a profound impact on the culture of our business, and in particular – our leadership team. He takes time to listen to people, to really understand their personal values – while at the same time challenges them ferociously to be the best person they can be.

Phil McNulty

Sales Director, Thrive Media

Jeff completely bowled us over with an amazing keynote speech.  He challenged our thinking, introduced us to new approaches and ideas, and provided us with a very practical ‘toolkit’ comprised of key takeaways and tangible to-do’s that will make a real difference to our staff.  Jeff was also incredibly generous with his time in the build-up to our conference – offering us priceless event-related advice and support, as well as introductions to his vast network!  We look forward to continuing to work closely with Jeff in the future.

Tim Williams

Head Teacher at Five Acre Wood School

Having Found out about Jeff through a recommendation, we have used Jeff as a speaker at our events. His ability to speak to the whole team and relate the topics around work/life balance and motivation to all the different levels and needs of individuals in the business was impressive. The team came away talking about how relevant and  simple some of the ideas were techniques were to get the most out of each day. We have already seen positive changes within the business. We will 100% be using Jeff again to keep the support going.

Richard Jackson

Executive Director, Designs For Lighting